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2 Positive Cases in Vizag - In Madhavadhara and Jagadamba Vicinity

Thursday a 60-year-old Women has been tested positive for Covid-19 in the Madhavadhara vicinity and the area is reportedly Seethanna Gardens vicinity. Along with this, there is Another case reported in the Dandu Bazaar Area of Jagadamba Vicinity.

60-year-old Women of Madhavadhara vicinity is reportedly a secondary contact of a Delhi Returned person, also her husband recently passed away due to a Kidney Failure Problem, she has been Admitted to the Government chest hospital and 32 people have been Quarantined thereafter by the city's officials.

There are 7 containment Zones in Vizag and now Muralinagar, Madhavadhara & Jagadhama are on High Alert after the new cases have popped up.

Also, Vizag has been declared as an Orange zone by the Government of India and if there are no new cases after a particular period of time we can move up to the Green Zone.

Today's AP Health Bulletin stands at above 1000 Cases take a Look:

So What do you think of the Rising Cases and Lockdown? Let us know in the Comment Below!

As Always Stay Safe!

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