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700 People Arrested in 2 Days for Violating Lockdown 🔒

The Visakhapatnam City Police have arrested over 700 people, who haven't been abiding the principles. Commissioner, Rajeev Kumar Meena (IPS) warn citizens against going out during the lockdown. In his latest statement, the commissioner said that citizens must remain at their residences during this important period. Further, the commissioner stated that the department is going to be forced to require action against those found violating the government’s guidelines.

The Visakhapatnam police have taken strict action against the Violaters. The details are as follows:

1. Between 6.00 PM on 1 April 2020 to 6.00 PM on 2 April 2020 Cases Registered: 150 People Arrested: 378 Vehicles Seized: 206

2. Between 6.00 PM on 2 April 2020 to 6.00 PM on 3 April 2020 Cases Registered: 159 People Arrested: 341 Vehicles Seized: 114

A total penalty collected on 2 April 2020: Rs. 6,49,080/-

Previously, the Vizag commissioner issued an announcement saying violators of the lockdown are going to be taken to task under IPC Section 188 and IPC Section 269. the highest officer made the statement while announcing that each one non-essential establishment and public spaces are going to be closed temporarily.

Stating that each one essential commodity is going to be made available, the commissioner reiterated that in the implementation of Section 144, quite five people don't seem to be allowed to collect in one place. He further requested the general public to cooperate with police and health departments to contain the fast-spreading novel virus.

As Always Stay Safe!

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