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Andhra Vishwakala Parishadh - Andhra University

Updated: Mar 10, 2020

You, Gotta, Know About this, We go to and fro from AU Campus but did you think about it's Heritage, One of the oldest in the city be sure to know about our University.

Andhra University was established in 1926 by the Madras University Act to serve the entire linguistic region of Andhra as a residential teaching-cum-affiliating University.

The institution has Sir C.R. Reddy as its founder vice-chancellor and Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan as the second vice-chancellor.

It is also most popularly known as “Andhra Vishwa Kala Parishad”

The university emblem was designed by Sri Kowta Rammohan Sastri with the guidance of Cattamanchi Ramalinga Reddy.

The rising sun represents the University itself and the radiating light rays representing its faculties of study.

The lotus is the seat of Goddess Lakshmi (prosperity) and Saraswati (knowledge).

The swastika is the symbol of benediction. An ocean is the vast region of knowledge.

The two serpents represent the seekers and custodians of wisdom.

The University is a campus dotted with 121 buildings for academic, administrative, and support services, with a plinth area of about 190,000 square metres and 324 staff quarters.

The total area of the Visakhapatnam main campus is 422 acres.

It serves the educational needs of five districts of Andhra Pradesh, namely Visakhapatnam, East Godavari, West Godavari, Vizianagaram and Srikakulam.


The university contains two sections, the south campus and north campus.

The south campus houses the Arts, Humanities and Sciences departments along with the administrative block.

  • The College of Arts and Commerce is the biggest constituent college with 28 departments offering 55 courses.

  • The College of Science and Technology has 19 departments, which offers 44 courses.

The north campus comprises the Engineering College.

  • The College of Engineering has 16 departments involving in undergraduate and postgraduate programmes.

  • The College of Law has been identified as an advanced centre in law by the University Grants Commission.

Hostel Facility

  • The campus has 19 hostels for men

  • four hostels for women


Accommodates 4,300 students.

There is residential accommodation of 340 units of staff quarters.

The university has three health centres, a homoeopathy dispensary, three guest houses, a faculty club, an open-air theatre and a campus school for the children of university school.

The University is filled with such a green lush that the scenic makes one wonder with peace of mind.

It is one of such historic places in Visakhapatnam, that should not be missed to visit.

In short, the University is not only famous for its courses being offered or reputed history but also for its widespread scenic views.

Old Picture of AU Campus

And Yes I get you if you are from the City Only the Toppers get to Go to this! I feel You Brother!

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Feb 12, 2020

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Shashikanth Vommi
Shashikanth Vommi
Feb 10, 2020

Me as a vizagite didn't know many of these facts. It's very informative. Expecting more such blogs from you. Kudos to you Writer for giving such valuable insights of Our Andhra University 👏.

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