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APSRTC to Flaunt New Mural Paintings

Updated: Mar 20, 2020

There are about 600 Buses in the APSRTC fleet for Vizag, So According to the Vice-Chairman and Managing Director Madireddy Pratap, the Buses will be Painted under the Scheme "Mana Bassu Mana Samskruthi".

It is to be noted that the Artworks Include a Range of Murals From Dhimsa Dance of Araku as well as the Stills from the Cult Classic Film Mayabazaar. There are many other themed paintings ranging from the 13 Districts of AP, and these Fleet of Painted Buses are expected to arrive within 6 months of Time.

So What Do you think about this Addition, we think it would Encourage more People to get on Public Transport, nevertheless, this is a Welcoming Addition!

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