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Updated: Mar 20, 2020

Welcome back to our blog, let us learn how fast-growing is the readers club getting in Vizag and what inspires them.

Vizag is a new hub for many book clubs like bookaholic, used and new book fairs

hosted by various online businesses, like Bookmagic, etc. Bookaholic happens to be an entrepreneurial venture that brings together readers across Vizag who share their feedbacks and interpretations of books and then exchange their books with the members of the club. Bookaholic also sponsors camping and trekking sessions at various spots in Vizag where camping is the most popular of all held in the beautiful romancing valleys of Aruku.

Book clubs hosted by local libraries like Bookaholic and APEX-CCB are bookclub startups that entertain people with games and quizzes related to the books they read every week.

The city has also been the hub of great continental delicacies across the city. There are numerous restaurants that offer various dishes you must try. Some of which are my personal favorites. Many of these are startups by students who made their passion for food as their full-time job!

Places you must try?

  1. Glutton Garage

  2. The flying Spaghetti

  3. Waffle Co.

These places offer so many new dishes, that will bring up your mind to trying new things all over again.

Do try the Mushroom Ontario, Chicken Caesar salad @ Gluttons Garage,

The chicken steak @ The Flying Spaghetti and any waffle from Waffle co. because it is Waffelicious.

For beer and coffee lovers, the news can't get any better!!!

Vizag has a fresh brewery, most awaited one I guess! The Ironhill brewery I personally am a fan of coffee but there is no better choice than this place for my perfect cup of brew! You get an amazing menu as well at this place and order on a variety of food while you enjoy your brew hot as a stew. They are obviously divided as Ironhill café and Ironhill bar, but what's stopping you? For all the beer brains out there, please let me know which one is your favorite, I personally choose the rolling cider.

Take your entourage here and enjoy

There you go I have planned a perfect day for you! Grab your coffee from Ironhill café and head over to one of the bookstores and book clubs, and when your brain is dazed and dancing with all the pretty characters you read about you know where will you get the big mug of bubbles.

Let me know in the comments down below how your day went, and if I should try on somethings unknown to me yet!

See you next time Until then You Can Visit the Writer's Personal Blog at Click Here.

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