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Complete Lockdown & No Relaxations For Vizag Containment Zones As Cases are on the Rise

On Saturday, the District Collectorate has Ordered a Complete Lockdown of Containment Zones Since the Number of Cases Reported are on the Rise, Between April 20th & May 1st there have been 9 Cases with a New Case Added Today.

All the 11 Containment Zones Will be Under Complete Lockdown!

Additionally, there will be No Relaxations that will be given to Containment Zones, and a Complete Lockdown Protocol will be Followed, this has been issued after the Number of Cases in the City are on the Rise and the Majority of the People are Hiding their Travel History and Also not compiling with the Lockdown.

The Complete Lockdown will be in Place till 17th May Until Further Notice As Per Reports for 11 Containment Zones.

So What Are Your Views on the Rising Cases? Shoot them in the comments!

As Always Stay Safe!

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