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Disinfectant Tunnels to Be Setup in Vizag

With COVID-19 cases on the Rise, Social Distancing is the Way to go, also to curb the Effects the Officials in Visakapatnam have setup Disinfectant Tunnels at various Rythu Bazaars in the City to Stop with the Local Transmission of Coronavirus, these tunnels are a Safety Measure since the People in the City are Going in at large Numbers to get Daily Essentials to satisfy the Demand.

These Tunnels are being set up at Entry and Exit Places at Rythu Bazaars. People entering the Tunnels will be sprayed with sodium hypochlorite solution (disinfectant) through motion sensor activated high-pressure nozzles for ten seconds. Within a span of 3-5 seconds, persons entering the tunnels and their clothes will be free of any virus, said Visakhapatnam Joint Collector, L Sivashankar, speaking about the features.

Further, the solution will be sprayed in vapor form, preventing the clothes from getting wet. Once a person steps out of the tunnel, they will be protected from coronavirus for the next 30 minutes, such that they will be Protected while Buying goods as well as while leaving the Bazaar.

Currently, 4 People from 20 Cases in Vizag have Recovered, the Local Authorities have been working around the clock to get the Virus Contained, so far the Results have been flavourful as Vizag has not seen Rise in Cases from the Last Days, Along with this the City Officials have identified 7 Red Zones which are completely Locked Down and Daily Needs and Essentials are Supplied to them.

As Always Stay Safe!

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