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Foods In Vizag To Make Your Rainy Day More Special

So It Started Raining & you’re wondering what to do on a Rainy Day Here are some of our Recommendations for a Rainy Day if you’re in Vizag and Don’t have a Clue on what to Do:

Chicken/Egg Maggie at Rushikonda/Sez:

This is one place to be while enjoying the Beach View in the rain, eat a hot plate of Chicken Maggie from the Vendors in Rushikonda, there are many who will make this particular dish so be sure to head out here to get a mouthful.

Boiled/Roasted Corn at Beach Road/ Tenneti Park:

Be it Beach Road or Tenneti Park, watching the Coal being Burned on a rainy day evening is a Spectacle to watch, and enjoying them in the cool Climate is also something you would like to do, sit on the sand, enjoy the Beach View with some Corn Cobs.

Muri/Bajji Mixture at Beach Road:

These are Always Close to People's Heart, Have a Mixture and Enjoy the Ambience of the Rain along the Beach Coast Line, Especially taste the One's present at RK Beach Junction, they will surely be in your Mind for a Long Time!

Pani Puri/Chat at Various Locations:

You can Enjoy this Treat at various places around the city, Parents or Other Elders may scold but still, it's Pani Puri Right Try these locations: Laddu Gopal, HSBC, Beach Road Opp. Sea Green Hotel & Be sure to try the Dahi Puri at these Locations!

Ice Cream/ Ice Gola or Kulfi:

Now don’t tell me you haven’t tried to eat Ice Cream on a Rainy Day, this is one of the best combinations for a rainy day so where ever you are there will be an Ice Cream Shop for you so get out there and Get some!

Dosa Wrap at Bake My Wish:

If you are new to the place be sure to visit this place at once, it offers a variety of Dishes but be Sure to check out the Dosa Wraps as well as the Sizzling Brownie here, just a great place be during the rain and there's nothing better than a Warm Spiced Up Dosa on a Cold Rainy Day!

So this is Our Take on the Rainy Day Food if you want to add something to the List, Shoot it in the Comment Section!

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