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Updated: Mar 20, 2020

Vizag has always been the hub of new games and attractions for tourists to provide a full filing experience to everyone who visits. Welcome back to our blog lets roll right into the games, shall we?


Vizag is a hub of games, indoors and outdoor, with fancy indoor games like Jenga, foosball, snooker, etc. we now have amazing outdoor games like go-karting and paintball too. Yes, you heard me right.

Paintball! I don’t know about you but I am very excited. These game owners have established their center's outskirts of the city, Paintball is the fun game-like tag but with color balls, made of acrylic paint. Shot with guns, in the gear you surely will feel like a soldier. Wanna try this exciting game, go to Bunkers n Bonker's.

Go-karting is another famous millennial sport that Vizagites enjoy. It is fun, gives you an adrenaline rush and a tad bit risky.

Go-karting, shooting all at one place, Hub for Youth, Vizag hover clubs are your one-stop destination for you to enjoy all these adventure alluring sports. From water sports to energizing your cores with speed we have got it all covered, flyboarding, jet skies, surfing, kayaking and what not!

Give yourselves and your kids amazing weekends so that they have stories to share in their peer groups.


With the conscious effort to choose to indulge outdoor and indoor games that increase interaction levels amongst all age groups, there is also a healthy lifestyle that people in this city love to live. The different physical pieces of training and platform available here to enjoy your weekdays and not just weekends never seem to cease. There are so many gyms and gymnasiums around the city almost in every nook and corner that you don’t have to really worry about your physical health at all. For runners and joggers, the entire beach road is available on mornings, evenings, and Sundays specifically to let you enjoy a wholesome energy-boosting weekend. Training involving several physical pursuits with weight lifting in a wholesome gathering of people from different ethnicities that you can just explore healthy options in just conversing with them.

For people who like to meditate, and calm their minds there are several yoga classes across the city that draws attention from all age groups. Finding a good spot to do yoga, there are always options here, like the central park, Tenneti park and the beaches of course.


So what are you waiting for?

Indulge yourself in these activities and tell us in the comments below if we have missed anything. Awaiting all your fun pictures! Shoot them in the Comments.

See you next time Until then You Can Visit the Writer's Personal Blog at Click Here.

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