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GVMC Commissioner Asks For Suggestions on Dandu Bazaar Situation

GVMC Commissioner Srijana Gummalla has taken to Twitter to Ask the Suggestion of the General Public to Control the Coronavirus Situation in Dandu Bazaar.

She has in her tweet wrote that the Dandu Bazaar's Lane's are Small, People are Poor, Houses are Small, and how would we Control the Spread of the Virus in Such a Situation and Place.

Dandu Bazaar Has become the Recent Hotspot for the Coronavirus with more than Cases Being Reported in the Area, the Virus Contamination Being from the Primary Contact, there is no need to worry as of now as this is not a Community Transmission.

Further More, the People of Dandu Bazaar have been avoiding Social Distancing and are Coming Together as per the AMC Principal, So Social Distancing is the Need of the Hour and Moreover Helpful in Many Places in Control of the Spread.

Please click on the Tweet to Redirect to Twitter and If You have a Suggestion Please Tweet a Reply to the Commissioner, Additionally you can Comment Your Views in the Comments Below, We will Post it On Your Behalf.

As Always Stay Safe!

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