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Hype Train: Money Heist Characters if They were Made In Telugu

Since Part 4 of Money Heist Dropped Recently everyone's been talking about the series so we found some Pictures over the Internet where some of the Characters have been compared with their Tollywood equivalents, enough of Talk here they are:

1. Sandeep Reddy Vanga As Professor:

2. Tamannah as Tokio:

3. Nandini as Raquel:

4. Varshini as Nairobi:

5.Seerat Kapoor as Monica:

6. Adivi Sesh as Denver:

8. Sri Devi or Lakshmi Manchu as Alicia:

Finally, Who Would Suit as Arthur, Let us know in the comments below:

Image & Comparision Credits: MOPU on Facebook, Click Here to Visit Them!

As Always Stay Safe!

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