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Interesting Facts

Updated: Mar 20, 2020

#1 Why is your city named Visakhapatnam?

  1. The city was named Visakha after a "Gopi", Now if you are wondering who's gopi, then take a minute to read this.

  2. Gopi"s are known to be the followers of Lord Krishna, who enchants his name all over their lives and serve him.

  3. There 16,000 Gopi's according to the ancient historic writings and there were 8 main gopis among them.

  4. One of the Gopi is named as "Sri Visakha Sakhi". Since there's a district named "Krishna" just two districts away from Visakhapatnam and as Krishna wanted all his gopi's to be around him, the city was also named in the same sense coincidentally.

#2 How Much Do You Know About Dolphin's Nose?

  1. Dolphin's Nose is highly popular for its shape and a known fact that it's named after its resemblance that is in the shape of a dolphin's nose.

  2. But do you know that it's not famous for only this reason but also because of its underground storage of LPG?

  3. Yes, it's true that our city owns an LPG storage and that isn't highly popular..!

  4. Just these little things, together make the city and also the revenue for the state as well.

  5. India's first oil storage caverns are built here...!


The city was affected by the heaviest cyclone ever in October 2014,

and it lasted up to a week, the whole world was aware of the pathetic situation of the city.

But do you know, that within 2 years of this incident the city was awarded as the 5th cleanliest city in India..?

You better know it now..!

#4 Kashmir of AP

  1. Araku is a very famous hill station in the state of Andhra Pradesh, and it is a well-known fact.

  2. But have you ever heard about the so-called Kashmir of AP, that is none other than lambasting, which is a tiny village in chintapalli Mandal, Visakhapatnam district.

  3. It is called so because of its seasonal snowfall, weather, and cultivations.

  4. There's no need to travel out of India or Andhra Pradesh to witness Snowfall since it can be experienced in your state itself!

So these are Some the Facts Be sure to Find Out More in the Upcoming Posts!

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