Is your WhatsApp banned? Here are the possible reasons

The users had reported that they were logged out of their accounts when they tried to access the app.

Some users have reported getting banned on WhatsApp unexpectedly. The users had reported that they were logged out of their accounts when they tried to access the app. The bans can be only be imposed if the user has breached the terms of conditions of the Facebook-owned messaging app but in most cases, no such thing ever happened. However, users can drop a mail to the company if they think they are wrongly banned by the company.

Users on WhatsApp can either face a temporary or a permanent ban depending on the situation. One of the prime reasons why you can lose access to your WhatsApp account is because you could be using the unauthorized version of the app. This is called “WhatsApp mods” and using a modded version violates the terms and conditions of the company. To avoid such situations users should download the correct version of the app from either Google Play Store and Apple App Store. No downloads should be made from a third-party app store.

A user on Reddit reported that she was suddenly banned on WhatsApp and despite writing tons of messages to the company, she did not hear back from them. She did reveal that one of her WhatsApp contacts was involved in a hack. This could have happened due to the latest vulnerability that lets cyberattackers suspend the account of any user using their phone number.

The researchers had discovered that the attackers first download WhatsApp on their phones and try to log in using the victim’s mobile number. When that is being done, WhatsApp’s two-factor authentication system immediately sends a code to the victim’s phone number. This prohibits the attacker to gain access to the account, but he keeps repeating the process. Due to several failed login attempts, WhatsApp disables login for 12 hours. This stops both the victim and attacker to log in to their WhatsApp account for 12 hours.

WhatsApp often bans accounts that send bulk or automated messages. As per a report by Wabetainfo, WhatsApp bans over 2.5 million accounts per month because of bulk and automated messages. You can also be permanently banned by the messaging app if your number has been used for suspicious activities.

“WhatsApp bans accounts that use their service intensively, for example, if the account sends a lot of messages within a certain amount of time. Don’t worry, WhatsApp introduced a limit that’s really impossible to reach for a human. If an account reached the limit, it means it’s not a human, but it’s an automated system,” the report states.

WhatsApp often fails to notify users before banning their account but advises users to write a mail to WhatsApp support if they have been banned wrongly.

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