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#1 Know Your Places - CMR Central

Updated: Mar 10, 2020

#Vol_1 of #Know_Your_Places

The Most Underrated Place in Vizag, there are many things about this Mall, For outsiders, it's just a Shopping Mall but with Vizag People, it's a place for Friends to Join Up with Each Other and Have some Fun time Off!

So here are some of the Things the Mall Has to Offer apart from Shopping:

KFC, MCD, Burger King, PizzaHut, Dominoes & Much More :

Indulge in the Food that the Mall has to offer, ranging from International brands to Local Brands such as Sai Ram Parlour are also present.

Timings of these food joints are the same as of the Mall, which is 11 am to 11 pm, so be sure to check them out! Most Food Places are present in the 5th Level, and KFC is in the Ground Floor, so be sure to check them out.

Jungle Adventures: Fun Games, Horror House, 4D Theatre & Much More:

This a Fun Joint for Kids as well as adults, there's a Horror House for Adults get in here for the Chills of Scariness, there's a mirrors maze which you can get lost in, Many Virtual as well Artificial Reality rides.

So Go here either with Your Loved Ones, Little Ones or Your Friends any way you are going to have fun with the Rides!

Shopping, Shopping, Shopping:

There are many stores to shop from like Reliance Digital for all your Electronic Needs, Home Centre, CMR Shopping mall with Jewelleries, Clothing and Footwear and Many more.

Whether you're into window shopping or Seriously looking for Something be sure to check out the Mall.