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#3 Know Your Places- Divis Bridge

Updated: Mar 10, 2020

300#Vol_3 of #Know_Your_Places

Have you Seen this Bridge? If you are from the Telugu States chances are that you have pretty much seen it, many Telugu movies were shot here you can't specifically Identify them At least I can't remember as many but as soon as I saw this Place it Felt Pretty Familier to Me. So let's take a look at this one:

Why is it Called Divis Bridge?

Well there's Big Laboratories called Divis Labs and they Own the Bridge, as well as most of the Place but the Only Difference, being we, are legally not Allowed on the Bridge without Permission but what we really want to see is the Bridge under, which is also shown around in the movies.

So This is IT! in all, it’s Glory be sure to check it out and get to sit in the front of this Bridge and Enjoy some Time, Most of the Days this place is Empty with very fewer People Since the Way is long and You gotta go deep inside.


Just Follow the MAP even if you find that you have to go Offroad!

So here is the Divis Bridge that you Need to Know About, Be sure to check our Youtube Channel for More Info on this Along with the Ride Info.

And Be Sure to Check Out Other Info Form #Know_Your_Places.

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