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#4 Know Your Places- Visakhapatnam Port

Updated: Mar 10, 2020

 Well, if you have a great fantasy to visit Visakhapatnam to witness its beauty and beaches then you should also get fantasized to have a visit to the port and its surrounding scenic.

Visakhapatnam Port is one of the 13 major ports of Andhra Pradesh.

It is India’s largest port by volume of cargo handled.

Visakhapatnam port has 3 harbor’s – outer harbor, inner harbor, and a fishing harbor.

The outer harbor has 6 berths capable of handling vessels with a draft up to 17 meters

The inner harbor has 18 berths that are Panamax compatible.

Dolphin’s nose

The dolphin’s nose hill to the north of the entrance channel protects the harbor from the cyclones that strike the east coast.

There’s a lighthouse situated on the dolphin’s nose, which can be seen from the beach for every ten seconds turning around and facing you on the tenth second. Don’t forget the count….

It is also widely believed that many threatening cyclones haven’t hit the city so hard as expected because of the dolphin’s nose hill.

The port is surrounded by the three hills where each one of them has a holy place like a temple, church, and mosque.


The hill which has a temple is called the saga giri, it is an island-like a place that will be reached by a boat ride and one can witness an amazing view of the port on one side and the harbor on the other side.

Ross hill

The hill on which there’s a church is called ross hill and it is popularly known as the hill chapel, it has a huge church and it can be reached by a two/four-wheeler. And an awesome view of port filled with vessels on one side and the whole city from another side can be witnessed.

The actual beauty of the port can be felt after the sunlight fades and the portlights turn on while the mild breeze touches your soul and takes you all the way to peace, is such a feast that you’ll never want to leave that place.


The other hill on which the mosque is no less than the above two views. And it can also be reached by any means of transportation. Such peace is felt while praying is such a bliss.

The port can be reached all the way through the beach road and so are the hills or by the old city.

Old city

The old city of Visakhapatnam is one of such places where historic constructions can be witnessed,

Like the clock tower, old post office, ancient hospitals, schools, lighthouse, etc.

Leaving Vizag, without witnessing the port and the beauty surrounding it wouldn’t complete your trip of Visakhapatnam.

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