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List Of Containment Zones in Visakhapatnam District

The Following containment zones in Visakhapatnam are on high alert as in the recent days the number of COVID-19 cases are mounting rapidly by the day, Almost all major Areas under the GVMC are now on Containment Zones List, here are the total Containment Zones:

  • Allipuram, Revidi (Padmanabham)

  • ITI Junction

  • Muslim Thatichela Palem

  • Santi Nagar (NAD)

  • Reddy Thatichetlapalem

  • Railway New Colony

  • Poorna Market

  • Dandu Bazaar

  • Maharanipeta

  • Rangireejuveedhi(Poorna Market)

  • Kunchamamba Colony (Gajuwaka)

  • Chengal Rao Peta

  • Gajuwaka

  • Seethana Gardens

  • Madhavadhara

  • Chintalapalem (Kasimkota)

  • Komativeedhi (Narsipatnam)

  • Marripalem

  • Gopalapatnam

As of now, there are 34 Active Cases with 5 Reported Today, We will Report any Additional Information on this Regard in the Next Post!

As Always Stay Safe!

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