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List Of New Containment Zones Added in Vizag

As of today, There are 62 Total Cases reported in the City, the Cases are increasing day by day since Vizag is Declared as an Orange zone, the Only Alarming thing is that the New cases Reported are from Different Areas of the City, leading to the Lockdown of the Area by the City's Officials, when Asked for the Reason in the Rising Number of Cases Officials have responded that Lack of Social Distancing is the Main Reason for Such Spike in Cases, So Here are the New Containment Zones Added to the Present 15 Containment Zones:

  • KRM Colony,

  • Maddilapalam,

  • Naidu Thota,

  • Peda Jalaripeta,

  • Pendurthi,

  • Pitapuram Colony,

  • Relli Veedhi,

  • Simhadripuram,

  • Sriharipuram,

  • Srinagar Colony,

  • Subbavaram.

The above Areas of Containment Zone list has been provided by the Dr. K S L G Sastry( Chief Medical Officer of Health).

The List of Already Added Containment Zones can be Accessed Via the Below Link:


So what do you think about the Rising Cases in Vizag, Leave us a Comment Below!

As Always Stay Safe!

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