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May 3rd - Will the Lockdown End? PM Hints at Graded Lockdown

With Only a Week Remaining for the Lockdown Period, this is the question on everyone's mind When will the Lockdown end. Yesterday PM Narendra Modi has arranged a meeting with all the CM's of the Country and the main topic has been the Lockdown period discussion.

The Prime Minister discussed a ‘graded’ lockdown relaxation within the upcoming weeks. Stating that India’s progress has been commendable, in fighting coronavirus, the PM took stock of true across various states. He said that each one states must now make efforts to convert the red zones into orange and subsequently, into green zones. This being the larger objective as compared to when will the lockdown end. PM Modi also stated that the economy must be taken into consideration while fighting against the virus, thereby hinting at the comfort of rules.

Back in AP, Our State Has topped the Covid-19 tests done per Million Capita. And there are no new Cases Detected in Visakhapatnam.

As Always Stay Safe!

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