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Medical Assistance in AP & E-Pass in Vizag For COVID-19

All citizens seeking medical assistance for themselves or their family members in AP can contact the concerned authorities in the following ways:

COVID-19 Dashboard:

Log on to for all information related to coronavirus.

As Regular/Pool Testing started in India, the Ministry has told all Citizens to Keep Calm as it is normal testing for all Citizens of the City, these tests are done free of cost and to help identify the coronavirus in the general public.

Video Call:

Log on to and set up a video call with an available doctor.

Phone Call:

  1. A. Those without a smartphone can call 8297104104 and get information and assistance via IVRS.

  2. B. A toll-free number ‘104’ has also been set up, alternatively.

  3. You can give a missed call to YSR telemedicine number 14410 to speak with a doctor.

Send ‘Hi’, ‘Hello’ or ‘COVID’ to WhatsApp text messaging number 8297104104 for official information regarding coronavirus.

Click Here to Directly Open in Whatsapp and Send Hi:

E-Pass Registration:

Citizens who need to travel to other districts or states for unavoidable reasons can apply for e-pass in Vizag via WhatsApp or email.

People dealing with family medical emergencies or funerals can apply for e-pass in Vizag in the Following Ways:

WhatsApp on 94933 36633 or

Email to

Click Here to Directly Open in Whatsapp and Send Message:

As Always Be Safe!

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