New Business Opportunities after the Pandemic

Updated: Jul 24, 2020

Hey Guys, Welcome back, today I am going to take your through various business opportunities amid lockdown. I hope you find this article informative.

The current coronavirus situation has jolted most businesses out of their slumber. It was almost a kneejerk change in consumer behavior. The world we knew before is never going to be the same. Businesses that will adapt to the changes are going to survive and others will fall. The following businesses are going to thrive and if you are looking to take your money out of the falling economy and invest somewhere then I have listed down the businesses of the future!!!

Blockchain & Cryptocurrency

It is going to become mainstream. The US and other fiat currencies are going to fail to survive this pandemic. With the rate at which the US is printing currencies a Venezuela like the hyperinflationary situation is not far away. Governments are going to look at alternate sources of currencies and blockchain/cryptocurrency will be the answer for them. Gold and silver will survive but their liquidity is not as much as crypto. It’s a bold prediction. I know. With current users of bitcoin being only drug dealers and other dark businesses most of you would like to refute my claims. But let us wait for another 12 months and we will see who’s laughing!!!!

Delivery businesses

Businesses that will provide home delivery to people are going to boom. This is a huge shift in consumer behavior. Instead of people going and buying physically from the store now consumers will want it to be delivered to their doorstep. Delivery via drones is not very far in the future. Dunzo is now projecting its first drone delivery to be not farther than 8 months. They have seen a 3x surge in demand with the same workforce. The writer of the blog is himself starting a delivery-based business. At the time of writing this blog, the website isn’t ready yet.

Video streaming and audio streaming platforms

Tiktok, Snapchat, and song streaming platforms are going to be coming huge. There is huge resentment against TikTok for being a Chinese app and the fact that they are stealing user data is a huge huge market vacuum that is created. I think there aren’t enough startups that let us stream audios like YouTube lets us stream videos. There needs to be a repository of small audio information out there where people can upload audio clips that people can listen to while multitasking. It will be huge!!!

Blogging and affiliate marketing

I believe bloggers, bloggers, and content creators are going to win big after this. All the huge holes in these big corporations spending billions in mass media marketing are going to come crashing down as more and more people will spend time online. People will want content which they really need instead of consuming what everyone else is consuming. AI algorithms of youtube and Quora and google provide consumers with that. And after the lockdown people, wud be hooked to that. Awesome time to start content creation!!!!

e-learning businesses

Businesses that can provide students with platforms to learn through videos and can take their exams will also grow. With Byju’s achieving the decacorn status (100 billion dollar valuation) I think this space is only going to grow!!! Create some interactive video sessions to record them and have a repository and sell those videos. It is an awesome business model that is becoming mainstream pretty fast.

Online dating apps

With no signs of schools and colleges reopening soon teenagers and young couples are trying to find love online. Once swiping right becomes a habit I guess the youngsters are going to remain hooked on these online platforms even after the lockdown is lifted.  With some new technology, I think these youngsters can judge each other’s profile in a better manner than they can do so currently. We can expect some Biz wars playing on this segment too in the coming years.

Video conferencing companies

With offices and colleges having their respective meetings and classes online I guess these companies are going to win big after this lockdown is lifted. Amazon has announced work from home for its employees until October now. They are going to rely on these products for a smoother flow of work. Video conferencing company Zoom now is claiming as many 200 million users per day from a previous maximum of 10 million users. That number is huge!!!!. And I can see many of those users will keep using those platforms even after the lockdown is lifted.  Whatsapp has also increased its maximum number of people allowed in one conference to 8 from the previous 4. Any new startup which starts working on these lines may come up with some better feature and might polarize all the users away from the  current

As economies across the world are racing down, we can still come up with solutions to stay home safe and not affect our work lives too. That's all the predictions from my side. Please lemme know in the comments if you think otherwise!!!! Looking forward to a healthy discussion on the future of the business world.

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