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No Parking Fees For Commercial Places in Vizag: GVMC Issues Orders

Updated: Mar 20, 2020

Finally, Finally People it's a Relief that GVMC has scrapped off the Parking Fees, this can come handy to reduce the Traffic as well as Reduce Congestion on the Roads Itself.

Municipal Commissioner on Twitter also Mentioned that There would be no Parking Fees for Movie Theatres as well as Shopping Malls which have Theatres.

GVMC Commissioner G Srijana wrote on Twitter, “No parking charges in commercial establishments

Below 30 Min- No fee

30-59 Min- No fee on any purchase

Above 1 hour- No fee on the purchase of anything more than parking fee.

GVMC issues orders. Let’s decongest #Vizag roads

Let’s park our vehicles in parking places.”

But there's a Catch, As per the Orders the Citizens will not be charged Anything for the First Half Hour(30 mins), 1 Hour will be free if they buy anything from the Establishment, and if a Purchase is made which is above the Parking fee then the Parking Fee is Also Free according to the Officials.

This comes as a Relief to many Vizagities as the Parking fee charged is Very high at some local Establishments, Also The Commissioner added that the GVMC has issued orders following the High Court order and Municipal Corporation Act.

All the public places like markets will continue with parking fees. For two reasons – the amount will be used for the public and they are on public lands. Whereas private establishments have shown designated parking space at the time of building permission,” she said while replying to a user.

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