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Reasons You Don't Need to Panic about CoronaVirus: COVID-19

Updated: Mar 20, 2020

So the Covid-19 Virus has been Classified as a Pandemic, but there are other reasons for you to be Rest assured and Being Less Panicked, So here are some of the Reasons:

We Know What the Virus is Now:

Before the CoronaVirus there were many other Viruses that were undetected for more than a couple of years, take HIV, for example, First spread in 1981 it took 2 years for the Doctors to Analyze what the Disease actually is and how it can be Classified, fast forward to 2020 we were able to detect the Covid-19 as a part of Coronavirus family and we were able to list out the Symptoms as well.

We Know How to Detect the Virus Now:

Since January 13th, 2020, we were able to detect the Virus using Test Kits and now these test kits are being produced in Mass, so as to suit the World's Needs.

Symptoms in Children Are Mild:

Below 40 Years the Mortality rate is 0.2%, and there are only 3% of the Cases who are under 20, some symptoms may go unnoticed in some children too. So most of the Younger Generation is Safe Enough.

Virus Can Be Cleaned From Surfaces:

This Virus can effectively be inactivated by just cleaning the surfaces with some Disinfectants such as Savlon or Dettol, and Effectively using the Hand Sanitizer also works from Cleaning the Virus.

China's Situation is Improving By the Day:

By each passing day, China has been able to drastically reduce the daily Cases by effectively placing the City's under Quarantine, there are fewer cases reported every day and more people are being tested negative, and since the Outbreak is Region Specific it soon can be contained.

80% of the Cases are Mild:

The disease causes no symptoms or is mild in 81% of cases. Of course, in the remaining 14%, it can cause severe pneumonia and in 5% it can become critical or even fatal. It is still unclear what the death rate may be. Be it could be lower than some estimates so far.

Many Patients are Healing:

Most of the Admitted Patients are Healing Quickly without facing any severe symptoms and people with good health and a Great Immune System are the first to walk away from the Virus, the Curing Patients percentage is 13 times higher than the Deaths related to it.

Science is On it Globally:

Globally this is what most of the Scientists are on, there is a race to be able to create a new Cure and get ahead in the race to be the First, Since being a Multi-Billion Dollar Vaccine this can help many people from around the World. They are preliminary works on vaccines, treatments, epidemiology, genetics, and phylogeny, diagnosis, clinical aspects, etc. These articles were elaborated by some 700 authors, distributed throughout the planet. It is cooperative science, shared and open.

Vaccine Prototypes are Already Present:

The vaccine group of the University of Queensland, in Australia, has announced that it is already working on a prototype using the technique called “molecular clamp”, a novel technology. This is just one example that could allow vaccine production in record time. Prototypes may soon be tested on humans.

Antiviral Drug Trails are Underway:

One of those that has already been tested in humans is remdesivir, a broad-spectrum antiviral still under study, which has been tested against Ebola and SARS/MERS.

Another candidate is chloroquine, an antimalarial that has also been seen to have potent antiviral activity. It is known that chloroquine blocks viral infection by increasing the pH of the endosome, which is needed for the fusion of the virus with the cell, thus inhibiting its entry. It has been demonstrated that this compound blocks the new coronavirus in vitro and it is already being used in patients with coronavirus pneumonia.

So this is it, Guys, with a Little effort and Selfcare we can Surely get ahead of this Virus so stop panicking and Relax while taking the Necessary Precautions!


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