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Shopstops @ Vizag

Updated: Mar 20, 2020

So You are in Vizag and you want to shop for Some things and You Don't know where to get them, Here is Our Guide for Getting them:


This place in Visakhapatnam is highly elevated for shopping for electronic goods and some shopping malls.

Either sides of this area are filled with rows of electronic gadget store and there isn't such a store that nothing can be found, starting from basic mobile to an iPhone 11 pro every branded store is up there.


This place is very well known for Porsche shopping complexes which is widely spread with plenty of boutiques and few stores for and many other as family shopping stores and also there are some jewelry shops spread over here and there over the sidewalks of the road.

Not gender biasing so here you go with some of the men shopping stores that are branded and the collection you get there is just stunning as well

VIP Road

This is the area where all the trendy teen can get their shopping done, this is also suggested to the ones who follow the trend irrespective of the age and look trendy, I can assure you that this place will never disappoint and also reach your expectations.

There are few other shopping malls that got recently opened at a wide range.


Well, it is mandatory to cover all the classes of the society so here we go with some other area where the middle-class families of society mostly visit this area for their shopping.

This area is at the start of the city which can be reached after crossing the NAD junction.

The people from simhachalam, vepagunta, and some other villages nearby there visit this area mostly for their shopping for any events or festivals.

It is the most busiest road you can ever visit in Visakhapatnam.

Jagadamba Centre

This is another area where middle-class men can walk into and shop to his fullest in the budget set. The shopping malls here will always be offering some offers and discounts occasionally to attract the customers and shop.

This could possibly be another busiest road in the city.

Winter chills @barracks

There is an area around, that sets up in winter and sells the winter clothes like sweaters, jackets and so on, irrespective of the age factor all the ages can find their winter clothes and get them at the lower price as well.

Barracks is also for selling its recycled books at lower prices. so, if you have a lot of stuff lying in your storeroom then you can sell some here as well.

These shopping areas and malls don't only help in clothes shopping but also the fancy items as well.

Never ever hesitate or think twice if you're passing by Visakhapatnam or coming to Visakhapatnam with fewer clothes or no clothes carrying at all because you have all the kinds of shopping malls in different areas here.

So this is Our take on the City's Shopping Sites if you have something to add to this Article shoot them in the Comments!

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