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Spitting in Public Places Banned, GVMC levies ₹1000 fine for Defaulters

To Prevent the Spread of the Coronavirus, AP Government has Issued a Public safety Order that Spitting in Public Places is Banned and anyone doing so will be prosecuted according to the Penal Code.

Further, GVMC will impose a fine of Rs 1,000/- on those who violate the rule in Vizag. In line with the government’s order, the Greater Visakhapatnam Municipal Corporation (GVMC) released a press note confirming the same.

GVMC officials stated that the Virus can only be contained by sanitizing public places, as well as people helping by following Personal Hygiene. Spitting in public places like Rythu bazaars, roads, and other places may increase the chance of spreading the Virus. The note further mentioned that if the violators are caught, in Vizag by any of the Assistant Medical Officers, Sanitary Supervisors, Sanitary Inspectors, or other GVMC officials, they shall face a fine of Rs 1,000/-. The corporation requested the citizens to support them in this effort to curb the disease.

As Always Stay Safe!

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