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Updated: Mar 20, 2020

Seeing the bravo of the navy style here at Vizag many questions arise what the real navy lifestyle looks like? Are there equal opportunities for every civilian to join the force or serve in any other way? The answer is YES!

Let's explore more:

Navy recruitment depends on the post you are applying for, most graduates with science as their main discipline apply for officer posts, but those with law and B.Sc. in the English language can also sign up for logistics and executive officers. There are medical-related entries too but what most people don’t know is even individuals with culinary and music degrees are eligible for officer entries. You can simply find more recruitment information on the Indian Navy official website.

There are more SSR entries where the basic pay starts from 45K including all the health care benefits provided by the Central Govt. Of India. Training and selection for these processes require you to be physically and mentally strong with good leadership qualities. The training period can vary according to your selection from 6 months to 4 years. You can join defense forces after completing your 12th too, however, this entry is applicable for students with science discipline. If you score above 85% you need not even clear the NDA exam. You can simply apply and attend the SSB interview too.

Navy lifestyle is not all about discipline and workplace conduct, it more fun than that, you get to interact with families all across India, learn about more ethnicities and celebrate every festival in a grand way. Navy hires event managers too for conducting these massive events which are given on the basis of tenders and contracts, news to which are easily available in the local newspapers. From Navy days to IFR 2016 to strength demonstration on republic days and independence days, it is the defense activities that keep most of the Vizag shores active and safe.

Vizag Marathons, and blood camps organized to create harmony amongst the citizens and keep their spirits high to create a sense of excitement and togetherness. From helping in setting up medical camps and warning beforehand of bad weather, Eastern Naval Command always acts efficiently, so that we have safer shores and better living standards. Beach cleaning camps in collaboration with the local NGOs and social working groups Navy does not shy away in showing their respect for the city. the city is clean and well maintained with better investments coming its way because of the diversity naval families provide.

Life of Naval families isn't all about fun while their breadwinner goes off to sails that lasts anywhere between 2-6 months. Sometimes even a year, but this gives them opportunities to be self-sufficient. The NWWA also is known as the Navy wives welfare association makes sure that the families are at ease while their member is far on the sail. Organizing indulging events from Coffee morning to lunches hosted by Navy wives themselves is a big shout out to the independence they own like a crown.

Navy has more than 4 residential areas across Vizag some near the beach, Some located around dolphin hill and some between the city. Defense areas are known for their security and safety. You can walk around late night without any fear, and that’s the kind of safety every woman needs around the world, not just India. There are cultural events whose passes are even distributed to working civilians inside to make them feel a part of this entire system. From comedy nights to musical events followed by delicacies served in dinner/lunches again provides some more job opportunities for commoners to earn and grow.

Prepped already? Gather up more information from the official recruiting website and become a part of this huge family that awaits you.

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