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Trip to PunyaGiri Waterfalls

Updated: Mar 9, 2020

So Here are the Punyagiri Waterfalls, What a Breathtaking View, Located about 60kms from the Heart of the City this is One of most Underrated Waterfalls and Temple Ever Visited.

Where: 60kms From Vizag

What: Waterfalls, Temple

Why: Breathtaking Views

First Things First: Where's the Map?

Press the Map to See Directions, default Start Point Has been Started at RTC Complex.

Click Here For Map

While in-been the Ride, there are some Awesome views from Mountain Ranges to Refreshing Crop Plantations, For Some the Ride may be a De-tox from the regular City Life, Away from the Traffic & Away from the Pollution

Here are Some Photos Attached :

And Finally, here is the Video of the Ride, as well as Other Perks, Included:

* Video will be uploaded soon

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