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Vizag BucketList 2020

Updated: Mar 10, 2020

A View From Kailashgiri, Visakhapatnam.

2020 is Here Folks , so what's in it for Our Beloved Vizag ?

Here are some of Our Wishlist Items as well as some the Things that are Going to Be a Reality. So Let us Know in the Comments Below If you've wanted Something that!

Vizag Metro Rail:

Metro is Close to become a Reality in the Coming years but it would be great to see the works start from this Year.

Route Map for Metro Rail

The Image above is the Proposed and Confirmed route for the project , it extends for a Total of 140kms and it will be a relief for most of the City commuters who are travelling for a long time and since the traffic has increased significantly most would Welcome the Metro Rail.

There's also a tram car run from old post office to bhimili beach , I would just get on it for the sake of Detoxing from the City's traffic , alas who doesn’t want some fresh air with a Pollution Free Ride Up and Down !


Better Traffic Management:

Traffic in the recent times has become Over bearing ,our sweet and calming beach is flooded with Horns and Pollution be it CMR central when the weekend comes most of our Vizagities prefer to stay at home or get out where's there's no traffic.


So we hope that GVMC has something new in mind for the year , as well as plan some parking lots , while some are in the making anything to reduce the traffic would be a welcome addition.

NAD Flyover:

It will be a dream come true this year if the NAD Flyover is completed in the coming year, people would at-least save an hour coming to and fro.

Image for Representation Only

This NAD flyover when completed will become the biggest time saver for the daily commuters and those of who are travelling to or from the Airport.

Better Entertainment:

With the Recent Opening of the Cinepolis Theatres in Madhurwada , we still didn’t get the good old hangout place as the Central , and the cancellation of the LULU mall that promised us the Biggest entertainment centre has been cancelled.


So the City people have been craving for a new hangout Spot that will be in the City and accessible to everyone whenever required.

More 24/7 Stalls/Shops:

While our city officials have been reluctant on giving permissions for new Stalls that will be open all the time , there are many people that actually require them , with the City's IT life booming there are more people working in the Night's and there are no amenities for them whenever required.


We all require something or the Other when it's an active work week and these stalls can actually help us in either way, be it Amenities shop or 24/7 Eateries they are always welcome.

More Greenery :

In the recent times, most of the Greenery we see is from the Beach Road, there are no green sites within the City apart from the Vuda City central park, we would love to see some new Green Sites Here and there within the City.


So that's it from US ! Be sure to shoot your Suggestions in the comments below, If it's great we would add it in the Article with a Shootout!

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