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Lockdown 🔒: What are Available, Images From Live Lockdown

Amid the Coronavirus Crisis, India has Locked Down several Cities in all the States and Districts, so in this Post we will cover what's going to Work/Available/What can You do in a Lockdown, Lockdown's are different from Curfew's and 144 Section.

What Will be Working:

  • Hospitals & pharmacies

  • Groceries/fruit/veg shops

  • Milk supply booths

  • Cooking gas supplies

  • Bank/ATMs

  • Telecom services

  • E-commerce

  • Limited public transport

  • Food home-delivery

What Won't Work/ Available:

The below-mentioned Places/Services are Not Available/Shutdown in Lockdown:

  • Public Places - Beaches, Parks, Other Areas will be Closed

  • People Coming out without any proper reason will be Questioned

  • Hotels mostly will be closed- Online Delivery is Available

  • Shopping Malls

  • Movie Theaters

  • Any Shop Other than Grocery One's

State Government Officials to be Working in Shifts to Curb the Effects of Coronavirus, While some Departments of the State have completely shut down for Lockdown some essential services remain open, while the Amount to Time is Reduced.

Live Images Of Lockdown:

People are Not allowed to Go on the Highways, by the Traffic Police and Everyone are being Questioned about their Travel and the Need to Come Out of the House, Barricades were placed in order to stop oncoming vehicles.

As Always Stay Home, Stay Safe!

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