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Pfizer Vaccine in Final Approval Stages for India: Pfizer CEO

Pfizer's Chief Executive Officer Albert Bourla has said it is in the final stages to get approval for the use of its Covid-19 vaccine in India.

US pharmaceutical company Pfizer is in the final stages of an agreement with India to supply Covid vaccines, Chief Executive Officer Albert Bourla said today.

"My hope is that very soon we will finalize the approval of the product in India by the Indian health care authorities and the agreement with the government so that we can also start sending vaccines, on our side," Dr. Bourla said, according to a PTI report. He was addressing the 15th edition of the India-US BioPharma & Healthcare Summit organized by the US-India Chamber of Commerce.

The recent change in guidelines by government authorities will now allow foreign vaccine manufacturers to be sold and used in India, which will be a great step in ramping up vaccination drives in India and allow the maximum population to be immunized against coronavirus.

Pfizer and Moderna, which are both leading the race with their innovative mRNA vaccine to make, will now be allowed to enter the Indian market after officials scrapped the rule mandating domestic clinical testing of the vaccines, meaning that any foreign vaccinator which has been approved for use will be allowed to seek authorization in India without undergoing further testing and evaluation. Following the revised vax policy, the central government and the companies are working closely to facilitate a sale in the earliest timelines possible.

Reports earlier stated that US major Pfizer has told Indian authorities that its jab has shown "high effectiveness" against the SARS-CoV-2 variant prevalent in India and on people of Indian ethnicity or nationality, while it is suitable for everyone aged 12 years or above and can be stored for a month at 2-8 degrees.

Pfizer, which is ready to offer 5 crore doses to India between July and October this year and has sought certain relaxations including indemnification, has held a series of interactions with the Indian government authorities recently including one this week, during which it shared the most recent data points regarding efficacy trials and approvals for its vaccine in various countries and by the World Health Organisation (WHO).

Several foreign vaccine makers such as Pfizer and Moderna have demanded an indemnity bond that will exempt them from legal claims if there are any adverse effects from the vaccines when administered in India.

So what do you think about this Vaccine? Now that it's available for Children above 12Years in the US? Do let us know in the Comments Below!

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