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7 Red Zones in Vizag Identified: 4 Lakh Families Present in these Areas

Local authorities, in the latest reports, have identified a total of seven red zones in Vizag. These ‘red zones’ are based on the number of registered cases for COVID-19 from those areas. The red zones identified by the GVMC in Vizag are as follows:

1. Thatichetlapalem 2. Akkayyapalem 3. Padmanabham 4. Gajuwaka 5. Allipuram 6. Narsipatnam 7. Poorna Market

At present, the police authorities have sealed the areas to prevent cross-contamination. While the disinfection of public spaces has started already, rapid testing, of residents in these areas, has begun. As per official reports, the seven red zones house nearly four lakh families.

Speaking about the red zones, Vizag District Collector, V Vinay Chand (IAS), stated that every one twenty cases registered within the city to date are from these areas. Now that the red zones are identified, the authorities have begun to enforce a strict disinfection and sanitation program, across these specific regions and a three-kilometer radius around them. this can be in continuation of the GVMC’s efforts of sanitizing frequently-visited roads and hot-spots within the city.

As Always Stay Safe!